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We are currently offering courses taught by the following instructors:

Cait Allison

Elizabeth Allred

Nate Andreu

Detra Bennett

Annie Bolton

Genevieve Boulanger

Kelly Cameron

Jill Clark

Mia Cunningham

Katie Dixon

Elizabeth Fletcher

David Graham

Pam Hansen

Pam Hansen has over 15 years in the health and wellness arena. After obtaining her degree in nursing she began work as a Wellness Director at a variety of retirement communities in Southern California and then made a switch into the corporate world where she worked as a sales representative for pharmaceutical/ medical supply companies. After moving to Davidson 12 years ago, Pam stopped working in favor of raising a family. It was during this time that Pam became passionate about yoga and martial arts. Pam became one of the first 75 people in the world to be certified as a Budokon sensei (instructor)--teaching a fusion of yoga, martial arts conditioning and meditation. Most recently Pam has started her own business as a Wellness Counselor. She is certified as a holistic living coach and helps clients achieve optimal health and vitality through nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

Pam and her family of boys (2 children, husband and 2 dogs) stay active with different sports throughout the year but spend as much time as they can in the mountains of Virginia where they really enjoy nature.... canoeing, cycling, hiking and just hanging out.

Sandy Helfgott

Megan Hively

Lisa Hogan

Emily Hunter

Gretchen Jax

Molly Jones

Nicole Jordan

Jen Knag

Mike LaPierre

Diana Miller

Sheila Moore

Heidi Nyquist

Tom Oddo

Emily Poletti

Mike Ratnofsky

Lindsay Robertson

Blair Smith

Courtney Stachowski